Opera Cabal Performing Arts Association NFP is reshaping how opera is imagined, produced and performed in the United States. Composed of a versatile collective of accomplished young artists, Opera Cabal propels the opera of today by presenting unpredictable new work and modeling new forms of audience involvement. In an era of rapidly changing audiences and shifting musical genres, the group embraces interdisciplinary collaboration, new commissions, and intimate and unusual venues. Opera Cabal reaches into to neighboring visual, theatrical and technological communities to broaden the audience for and the definition of opera in a new century, reviving the integrity of a revered art form with an infusion of new energy and eclectic design.

Since its founding in 2006, Opera Cabal has identified and recruited artistic teams working at the highest level in fields traditionally unrelated to opera in order to bring new blood and fresh ideas to the art form. Opera Cabal's commitment to building a diverse, engaged audience for opera in the 21st century is exemplified behind the scenes by the Hyde Park Salons (est. 2006, Chicago), and the Berkeley Art+Science Salons (est. 2015, Berkeley), co-curated by Majel Connery and neuroscientist Matthew Walker. Salons serve as a forum for local artists and scholars, offering a rigorous workshop atmosphere for the development of uncommon contemporary performance.

Opera Cabal has commissioned and produced new works by Caroline Shaw (Pulitzer Prize, 2013), Lewis Nielson, Phyllis Chen, and Elliot Cole, and produced the stage premiere of G.F. Haas's ATTHIS at the Kitchen with ACME (2014). Current endeavors include the commission and performance of a new opera by Ken Ueno, "Aeolus" written for Ueno, Majel Connery and FLUX Quartet (supported by a Mellon Visiting Artist Residency at Wellesley College). A concert premiere of Aeolus will be presented at National Sawdust (Brooklyn) on Friday, April 7, 2017.




Kevin Simmons

Majel A. Connery
Michael G. Connery
Michael Maizels

Thomas Christensen
Chaya Czernowin
Jason Eckardt
Martha Feldman
David J. Levin
Philippe Manoury
Jeffrey Milarsky
Lewis Nielson
Tara Helen O'Connor
Fred Sherry
Nadia Sirota
Nils Vigeland

Opera Cabal maintains an ongoing residence at High Concept Laboratories, a Chicago-based producing partner that pairs with artists and performers to foster the creation and development of new artistic work. HCL has co-presented a number of pieces in Opera Cabal's current repertoire including the premiere of Lewis Nielson's und so weiter, and Caroline Shaw's Ritornello.

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